About Us

About Us

Corporate Profile

Gain Hill was established since 2003 which provide knitting fabrics for USA and EUROPE markets.
From 2008, our company joint venture with a circular knitting factory which is located in Southern China, Dongguan.
Starting from 2016, our group joint venture with an over 15 years experience spinning company which is located in Northern China, Suzhou.
Our founder is previous one of the director of Sharpeal Textiles Limited.

Gain Hill Precision Textile Co Ltd are spinning manufacturer, providing spinning, dyeing and finishing in fancy yarn.
The headquarter and production based are located in Suzhou and Sales & Marketing Team, Merchandising Team, Design Team & supporting teams are located in Hong Kong.

Our annual production capacity of approximately 20,000 tons which is 45 million pounds.
Our main product is fancy yarn which including Brushed Yarn, Boucle, Air Spun, TT Yarn, Lily Yarn, Slub Yarn,
Rail Yarn & Sarry Yarn etc. We are doing Woolen, Worsted and Semi-worsted knitting yarn as well.

We are selling in USA, Europe and Japan markets for our products & also in domestic markets.

Gain Hill (HK) Limited are circular knit fabric manufacturer; providing fabric knitting, dyeing, printing and finishing.
The headquarter is located in Hong Kong, with its production base in Suzhou, Jiangsu and Guangdong.
The production plant is well-equipped with advanced production facilities. Our annual production capacity of approximately 3.8 million pounds.

Main products are in Cotton, Viscose, Polyester blended knitted fabric with stripe, print and functional such as Single Jersey,
Rib, French Terry, Pique, Lacoste, Fleece, Sherpa Fleece & Velour etc….

We are selling in USA and Europe markets for our products.

Our Mission

Globalization Aggressive Integrity New-fashioned

We strives to be a high quality and professional company which providing flexible opportunities and training courses to excel as an employees of highly professional in general.
This is the goal we are striving towards.


Gain Hill Precision Textile Co Ltd – was founded in 2016 by previous one of the Director of Sharpeal Textiles Limited.
In same year, we joint venture with spinning manufacturer in Suzhou which have over 15 years experience in fancy yarn.

Gain Hill (HK) Ltd – We established as a trading company in Hong Kong since 2003 & worked with 95% for several USA brands and 5% for Europe markets.
Starting from year of 2008, we joint venture with a circular knitting factory in Dongguan China & doing solid, feeder stripe & auto stripe knitted fabrics.
We also have business partners of knitting, dyeing and printing which located in South & North of Mainland China.
According to the market needs, we extend our business to sweater knit for cut & sewn from year of 2014.
Gain Hill has now grown and developed into a multi-business for cotton knit, sweater knit and Fancy Yarn.